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DID/MPD Support Group

Support and discussion on DID and MPD

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A safe space to discuss DID/MPD

The moderators of this community are brightflashes and greg_kennedy. Feel free to PM them at their personal journals for any questions or concerns relating to the community.

Send a private message to brightflashes
Send a private message to greg_kennedy

This is a community for support and discussion on and about DID/MPD. brightflashes searched LiveJournal for a community like this one and found none quite like it which is why it was started by her and her husband. While there are other communities on LJ that focus on DID, multiplicity, and other aspects of multiple people living in one host or body, there is a lack of communities that focus solely on DID/MPD from a clinical/support (rather than just discussion-based) standpoint and which are also pro-integration.

However, this community welcomes anyone who wishes to be a member. You are welcome if you suffer from, and/or are diagnosed with, DID/MPD and would like to discuss or provide support for other members; or if you do not have it and would like to learn more or are just curious about what it's like for other people. The only thing we ask is that, if you join, please be respectful of other members here.

Please note: Membership is moderated. Your membership request must first be approved by a moderator before you can post or see recent entries. If you have been denied membership, feel free to contact a mod.

1. You are not required to make an introductory post, but we would appreciate a brief explanation on why you're here and your story with DID/MPD if you have one.
2. Please put pictures and entries with more than 15 lines of text behind an lj-cut so that it won't clutter our friends pages.
3. Triggering entries should always be put behind an lj-cut. If you're not sure if your entry is triggering or not, put it behind a cut to be safe. Occasionally, if this isn't implemented, a moderator will first point it out to the original poster. If the entry is not put behind a cut after a reasonable amount of time, it will be deleted and reposted.
4. Some people are sensitive to the way that others describe their experiences. Each person will use their own wording to describe their experiences and understanding of DID/MPD. If you need clarification on what someone means in their post, please ask. Please do not critique someone's use of terminology; everyone is different and any conflicting opinions should be settled maturely.
5. While a lot of people, especially in preexisting LJ communities, are pro-multiplicity, this is a community more geared towards pro-integration. While people with both views are welcome, understand that the focus of this group is more pro-integration/support for bad experiences with DID and child abuse.
6. For security purposes and to avoid spam, comments are members-only. So, if you would like to comment or post an entry, you need to become a member in order to do so.
7. Post security levels are automatically set as members-only. However, if you would like to edit your post to be public, please feel free to do so.
8. Obviously negative abuses of posting access (trolling, spamming, deliberate triggering, name-calling and abusive behavior, reposting other members' entries outside the community without explicit permission) will be met with a swift ban. Users can expect a warning in advance of removal from the community for any other reason. didsupport aims to be a safe place for people to share their experiences and the mod team takes this ideal very seriously, but we do want community issues like this to be handled in a predictable manner.

Because DID and MPD are most likely the effect of abuse, this community can also be looked at as an abuse survivor group as well.

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